Have you or a family member had a car accident, or were hurt in an automotive collision due to the actions of another person?

Auto accidents happen frequently and our Asbury Park, NJ car accident attorneys are here to help protect your rights under New Jersey Law.  Irrespective of how serious your auto accident was or the insurance company you’re trying to make a claim against, we have the capabilities and practical knowledge of New Jersey accident law to help you.

Collecting on the compensation you deserve and ensuring that justice is served in a court of law can lighten the load of your recovery.

We can lead the way in your fight for the damages due to you under NJ law, the experienced and determined attorneys at Flynn & Associates are standing by to talk with you and are prepared to make available the knowledge and expertise you need.

Should I file a car accident claim in Asbury Park, NJ? -Yes!

best car accident lawyer Asbury Park, NJ

Highly Recommended Car Accident Lawyers in Asbury Park, NJ

While it you may be hesitant to take on such a intimidating and time-consuming endeavor to initiate a lawsuit when it come to an automobile accident it often is to your advantage to claim damages, without legal action, the destiny of your injury case is relegated entirely in the hands of insurance companies.

Actually, the great percentage of vehicle accident injury cases are settled outside the courtroom, helping to save you precious time and pointless strain that could impact your recovery.

If you are, worried about taking time in a Asbury Park, NJ courtroom, don’t let that stop you from obtaining the payment you need. Our team at Flynn & Associates can help you get around these murky legal waters and ensure you get the resolution that you are entitled to.

Flynn & Associates Can Represent Your Rights in Court and with the Insurance Company

Our Legal Team has effectively and zealously represented injured clients from all over New Jersey who have sustained severe trauma, whether it be material, financial, or emotional.

Personal and committed representation: As a client of Flynn & Associates, you can expect to receive the most professional and aggressive legal representation possible.

Our team at Flynn & Associates profoundly care about seeking justice for you and appreciate the obstacles that you’re going to be enduring. We would be honored if you give us a call at (888) 243-2924 to discuss the details of your case.

Were Your Auto Accident Injuries Sustained in Asbury Park, NJ Your Fault or the Other Drivers?

While you could be a fantastic driver who is careful to obey all the traffic laws in Asbury Park, NJ and be aware of both your safety as well as the safety of the other drivers on the road, it is nevertheless possible that you may be involved in a car accident caused by the carelessness of other drivers, pedestrians, or bicyclists that can drastically affect your quality of life as a result of a collision. Here’s a list of the most common factors of auto collision injuries in Asbury Park, NJ:

  • Usually, speeding can cause the vehicle driver to lose focus on the vehicle operators around them and cause serious injuries to the victims.
  • Sending text messages or calling while driving can trigger a loss of focus on the highway. Distracted driving can cause readily avoidable accident injuries that would have been avoided had the driver been focused on the road.
  • Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs is unsafe and ends up in an incoherent driver that is incapable of following the local traffic laws and successfully avoiding car accidents.
  • Dangerous or ill-maintained highways can lead to accidents. A lack of servicing, substandard design, or a absence of traffic signs can also lead to car accidents.
  • Defective or ill-maintained automobile components such as brakes or airbags that can lead to hazardous and potentially fatal car accidents. A car with maintenance and service issues can cause your car to stall. If an automobile stops working in the roadway as a result of poor maintenance can cause a car accident.

We will meet with you to talk about your car accident injuries in Asbury Park, NJ, at our Asbury Park, NJ locations, in your home, and we can make arrangements to visit you or your loved ones in the hospital.

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