Have you or a loved one had a car accident, or were hurt in an automobile collision due to the actions of another person?

Hackettstown, NJ car accident injuries frequently require you to consult with a law firm as the insurance companies usually do not want to pay you for your injuries.

Collecting on the settlement you are owed and making certain that justice is served in a court of law can lighten the load of your recovery.

Suing the insurance company and recovering damages can provide the money necessary for medical expenses caused by your car accident injuries.

Should I file a car accident claim in Hackettstown, NJ? -Yes!

Car accident injury Lawyer Hackettstown, NJ

Auto accident injury Attorney Hackettstown, NJ

It is essential to mention that filing a claim for a car accident injury does not necessarily ensure that you will have to spend any time in a courtroom.

In reality, the overwhelming majority of auto accident injury cases are settled outside the courtroom, helping to save you precious time and unnecessary strain that could affect your rehabilitation.

So if, apprehensive about taking time in a Hackettstown, NJ court, don’t let that stop you from getting the payment you are owed. Our lawyers at Flynn & Associates can help you navigate these cloudy legal waters and ensure you get the money that you are owed.

How Can We Help You?

Trial Litigation History: Hire our qualified and battle-hardened attorneys to leverage their decades of experience and expertise to lead you to recuperate the compensation you are due for your car or truck accident.

Personal and committed representation: As a client of Flynn & Associates, you can expect to receive the most professional and aggressive legal representation possible.

Our lawyers at Flynn & Associates deeply care about seeking justice for you and understand the challenges that you’re experiencing. We will be thankful if you could contact us at (888) 243-2924 to discuss the details of your case.

What Caused Your Hackettstown, NJ Automobile Accident?

While you could be a great driver who makes sure to follow all the traffic laws in Hackettstown, NJ and consider both your safety as well as the safety of others, it is nevertheless possible that you could be injured in an accident as the result of the errors of other drivers that can significantly impact your quality of life because of a crash. Here’s a list of the most prevalent causes of automobile accident injuries in Hackettstown, NJ:

  1. Generally, speeding can cause the motorist to be distracted from being aware of the vehicle operators around them and trigger catastrophic injuries to the victims.
  2. Sending text messages or calling while operating a motor vehicle can trigger a distracted driver on the road. Inattentive driving can lead to easily avoidable accidents that would never have happened had the motorist been aware of the driving conditions on the road.
  3. Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs is dangerous and leads to an unsafe driver that is unable to safely engage in following the local traffic laws and successfully avoiding injuries.
  4. Unsafe or improperly maintained streets can lead to car accidents. A lack of servicing, flawed design, or a absence of traffic signs can also contribute to car accidents.
  5. Substandard or improperly serviced car components such as brakes or airbags that can bring on unsafe and life-threatening car accidents. A neglected auto can experience your car to stall. If your car stops working in the street as a result of poor maintenance can cause a vehicle accident.

We will make time to talk about your personal injuries in Hackettstown, NJ, at our locations, in your house, and we even can visit you or your family members in the hospital.

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