New Milford, NJ Automobile Accident Lawyers

New Milford, NJ area car accident injuries often require you to consult with a law firm as the insurers commonly do not want to pay for damages.

It is a possibility that New Jersey law is in your favor, and you may be owed considerable damages for your injuries you sustained in the car accident.

Bringing a claim against the insurance company and forcing them to pay compensation to you can help to cover health care costs related to your accident.

Filing a Claim with the Insurance Company after Your Accident in New Milford, NJ

New Milford, NJ Semi-truck, Car, Or Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

New Milford, NJ Semi-truck, Automobile, Or Motorbike Accident Attorneys

Just Because You File a Claim You May Not End Up in Court

In reality, the tremendous majority of auto accident injury cases are settled outside the courtroom, helping to save you valuable time and pointless strain that could affect your rehabilitation.

So if, concerned about taking time in a New Milford, NJ court, do not let that prohibit you from getting the payment you need. Our attorneys at Flynn & Associates can help you traverse these murky legal waters and guide you to the settlement that you are owed.

Our Attorneys Fight for those Injured in an Auto Accident

Our car accident attorneys have fought to protect those who have experienced the burden of an auto accident caused by the negligence of others.

No fees until you win: The team here at Flynn & Associates believes that you shouldn’t have to pay out of your pocket until you receive the compensation you are owed. We promise that you will receive the highest quality legal representation without having to pay until the case is won.

Our lawyers at Flynn & Associates deeply care about seeking justice for you and realize the hardships that you are going through. We will be thankful if you could give us a call at (888) 243-2924 to discuss the details of your case.

What Caused Your New Milford, NJ Automobile Accident?

It is critical that you consult with our team of attorneys to assess the negligence of the drivers involved attributable to its influence on the practicality of your lawsuit. The most common forms of auto accident-related negligence are listed below:

  1. Usually, speeding can cause the vehicle driver to be distracted from being aware of the drivers around them and cause severe injuries to the victims.
  2. Texting or calling while operating a motor vehicle can result in a loss of focus on the highway. Distracted driving can cause readily preventable car accidents that would never have happened had the motorist paid attention to the road.
  3. Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs is unsafe and ends up in an unsafe driver that is incapable of adhering to the rules of the road and effectively avoiding injuries.
  4. Dangerous or ill-maintained roads can cause car accidents. A lack of servicing, defective design, or a lack of traffic signs can also lead to car accident injuries.
  5. Faulty or improperly serviced automobile components such as the brake system or airbags that can result in dangerous and deadly car accidents. A poorly maintained vehicle can experience your car to stall. If your car malfunctions in the middle of the road as a result of poor maintenance can cause a vehicle accident.

We can make time to discuss your personal injuries in New Milford, NJ, at one of our nearby locations, in your home, and we even can visit you or your loved ones in the medical center.

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